May our communities and each one of us be filled with patience,
compassion, kindness and service to one another.

This holistic healing system originated over three thousand years ago in China.  The wisdom of this medicine is understanding when there is imbalance, sickness will occur.  Acupuncture helps to regain balance through regulating the energetic field of our body. The Ancient Traditions call this life force, Qi (Chi).   The body is made up of about 70% water. Think of your body like an ocean with currents of energy flowing through.  Specific pathways or meridian are like river, move within the body.  For centuries these meridians have been mapped out. Over 400 points have been defined along these pathways.  Each point helps in a specific way to support the body’s ability to heal and regain a state of balance.  A “team” of points working together is specifically design for each individual for optimal outcome.  These points are stimulated through the insertion of very fine needles.  They are sterile and disposed of after a one time use.