May our communities and each one of us be filled with patience,
compassion, kindness and service to one another.

For thousands of years the ancient Chinese recognized a vital energy behind all life forms and life  processes. This energy is called Qi (chi). Acupuncture is based on this healing system.

Our body is made up of over 70% water. Think of your body like an ocean with these currents of energy flowing through. Specific pathways or meridians like rivers, move within the body. As in nature, when the vital energy, Qi, flows freely and with proper strength, harmony of body-mind-spirit is possible.

Qi can become imbalanced through many influences such as lifestyle choices, environment, traumatic events and stress. Distress signals in the form of symptoms show up in our body. Disease can occur when there is stagnation or blockage in the natural flow of our Qi.

From a western medicine perspective, science has been able to measure an electrical charge at specific  points along the meridians. The needling of points can stimulates the nervous system, calm pain signals, and release chemicals that help regulate the body into a more balanced state of being.

Many people experience positive benefits in just a few visits like relaxation, decreased pain, improved sleep, ease and peace.

man rejoicing a waterfall QI